Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Severe Oxidation Removal: 2004 Honda Pilot

Three weeks ago I recieved a call from a gentleman that was in desperate need of a miracle. He informed me that he needed to sell his vehicle but there was one problem... It had never been waxed since the day he drove it off of the lot!

As you can see it was completely oxidized on the hood, roof and the trim above all of the doors. It was either me or a paint shop. He had done his homework and looked at the paint correction work I've performed on previous vehicles, so it did not take much convincing him.

After mutiple steps of wetsanding, compounding, polishing, a nice lunch break to Subway the results were as follows:


Don't let this happen to you! Contact us and ask about our paint protection services. We offer basic waxing, paint sealants and semi- permanent coatings, giving you the option of 6 weeks on up to 4 years of paint protection!

He was so happy with the work that he left a review for us on Angies List:
"DJ is very professional and very knowledgable. He came and gave me a fair estimate then scheduled me right away. He showed up on time and was very courteous. He came right to my house. My car was an absolute mess and the paint was in poor shape. DJ worked all day and when finshed the car looked brand new!!! It is amazing how good it came up with the Eco Green system. A few days after the service DJ called me to make sure I was happy with everything and asked if he could help with anything else. I will have him do my other two vehicles. He performs magic!!!"

Considering changing my job title to "The Magician" ;)

Question: How often do you wax your car?

DJ Patterson
Certified Auto Detailing Specialist
(918) 955-7174


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  2. Nice not use dish soap or any other household soap when washing your car. These soaps have harsh detergents in them for breaking down grease and these kind of detergents will also remove all remaining wax that you have on your paint.

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